Southern California Fine Art
Storage Services

Orange County Fine Art Storage
is dedicated to the care, storage and installation of fine art and furniture.

Fine Art StorageFine Art and Furniture Storage Services

Orange County Fine Art Storage is able to store works of any size and every possible medium.  The facility is equipped with multiple docks that will accommodate trucks of any size.  We have 38 thousand cubic feet of climate controlled storage space and 68 thousand cubic feet of non-climate controlled storage space, designed for all short term and long term storage needs.  We maintain a relative humidity of 50% +/- 5%, and 70 degrees +/- 5 degrees in our climate controlled area.  Galleries, museums and schools may want to use a portion of the facility for exhibition preparation.  Homeowners can protect their valuable art during remodeling, and collectors with limited space can easily change what's on display.


Orange County Fine Art Storage has the ability to pick up, or deliver and install any size or media artwork, safely and securely to any location.  Contact us now to schedule pickup or delivery.

Viewing Room

At Orange County Fine Art Storage, your works can be displayed in our comfortable viewing room.  Invite your friends for a private party.  In addition, galleries and private owners around the world can ship art to our facility to be viewed by a potential buyer.  Contact us now to schedule an event.

Advanced Security systems

Orange County Fine Art Storage uses state of the art multi-layered security and a specially designed Engineered Fire System.  Access is restricted to all storage areas, and 24 hour armed security is available on request.  With advance notice, we are happy to retrieve any artwork or furniture from storage and have it available for pick up.

Our staff at Orange County Fine Art Storage builds crates to ensure the protection of valuable artwork while in storage.